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3,156.46 kr incl. vat.
barrier post with foldable base and webbing tempaline
your first foldable crowd control system! the barrier post with foldable base tempaline is the perfect choice when you need a fast and mobile queue management system. thanks to its patented design the base simply opens up and is set up in no time at all. just as quickly and conveniently, the barrier post with webbing tempaline folds together after use. the unique tempaline scores with its light weight, high stability and low volume for storage and transport. the guideline and queue management system is best for pathways or restricting access areas, both in- and outdoors. tempaline is especially recommended for the temporary use to cordon off areas in instances of maintenance or other works in progress, for firefighter and ambulance operations and jobs.

- easy to transport, everywhere with you
- set up and stored away in no time at all
- for in- and outdoor
- perfect to temporarily guide visitors and partition floor spaces
- accessories: customizable with poster pockets

- post in silver matt anodized aluminium, finger-print-resistant
- base and housing made of abs in black
- dirt-repelling webbing, length: 2,1m
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TPL950SBL post alu/blue pc 3,156.46 kr incl. vat.  
TPL950SWSBL post black/blue pc 3,156.46 kr incl. vat.  
TPL950ALSYB post alu/yellow-black pc 3,645.84 kr incl. vat.  
TPL950ALSWR post alu/white-red pc 3,645.84 kr incl. vat.  
TPL950SWSYB post black/yellow-black pc 3,645.84 kr incl. vat.  
TPL950SWSWR post black/white-red pc 3,645.84 kr incl. vat.  

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