502.50 kr incl. vat.
wood frame for textile banners wood frame
the elegant frame woodframe for fabric banners is very special: the edges have oblique angles which confer the banner a unique look. the aluminium frame profiles are real wood veneered or wood look laminated to guarantee maximum stability and no deformation. the profile is provided with a notch on the front to easily insert textile banners with a silicone seam: therefore the fabric banner is always stretched perfectly. whether you like it bright, discreet, strong, warm or classy, the frame for textile banners woodframe is the right frame for every modern ambience. we offer standard sizes but also custom-made solutions. just contact us, we will be glad to advise you on your projects.

- simple and slim design
- for wall assembling
- choice of different wood looks
- easy banner mounting and exchange
- various standard sizes and custom manufacturing

silver anodized aluminium, real wood veneered or wood look laminated
order options
article number product name S.U. single price   quantity  
WFEI500 oak 500mm set02 502.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFLA500 larch 500mm set02 523.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFRO500 rust look 500mm set02 523.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFNU500 walnut 500mm set02 531.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFSH500 stone wood look 500mm set02 532.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFBA500 bamboo 500mm set02 544.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFEI700 oak 700mm set02 604.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFLA700 larch 700mm set02 634.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFRO700 rust look 700mm set02 634.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFNU700 walnut 700mm set02 643.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFBA700 bamboo 700mm set02 663.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFSH700 stone wood look 700mm set02 666.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFLA1000 larch 1000mm set02 798.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFRO1000 rust look 1000mm set02 798.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFNU1000 walnut 1000mm set02 811.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFBA1000 bamboo 1000mm set02 840.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFSH1000 stone wood look 1000mm set02 844.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFEI1400 oak 1400mm set02 975.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFRO1400 rust look 1400mm set02 1,033.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFNU1400 walnut 1400mm set02 1,053.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFBA1400 bamboo 1400mm set02 1,095.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFSH1400 stone wood look 1400mm set02 1,098.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFEI2000 oak 2000mm set02 1,278.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFLA2000 larch 2000mm set02 1,362.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFRO2000 rust look 2000mm set02 1,362.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFNU2000 walnut 2000mm set02 1,389.00 kr incl. vat.  
WFBA2000 bamboo 2000mm set02 1,444.50 kr incl. vat.  
WFSH2000 stone wood look 2000mm set02 1,453.50 kr incl. vat.