bannerboy restyle



2,568.38 kr incl. vat.
freestanding banner display bannerboy restyle
the free standing banner holder bannerboy display with clamp extrusion bannerblock for single and double sided digital print presentation. simply mount the banner to the extrusion and clip it to the structure. for a double side presentation simply order another set of bannerblock in the requested length. the convenient bag protects your banner display bannerboy during transport and storage.
order options
article number product name S.U. single price   quantity  
BABN500 bannerboy restyle 500 pc 2,568.38 kr incl. vat.  
BABN700 bannerboy restyle 700 pc 2,681.44 kr incl. vat.  
BABN1000 bannerboy restyle 1000 pc 2,829.94 kr incl. vat.  

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